Monday, December 3, 2007

Is Your PC Crowding Your Desk?

When your PC eats up almost the entire space in your computer table, it?s time to have a little re-organizing. Desktop computers, especially those bulky CPU?s and monitors could eat up quite a space which could be a room for other essentials such as folder stackers, telephone or fax machine. Nowadays, bulky personal computers can be really heavy to the eyes, especially since in today?s technology, the adage, ?bulk is out, thin is in? is the mainstream.
Let?s start with your computer table. Its size may vary depending on your design. It may be wide enough to accommodate two ?bulky? PC sets, or it could barely hold one, and you don?t have enough space left for the keyboard or the mouse.
First things first, remove all unnecessary files, folders, papers, trash, c View the rest of this article

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