Friday, December 28, 2007

Songwriter Confessions #4

Once a recording studio reaches a certain size, it has to have a studio cat. That seems to be Nature's unwritten law and you resist it at your peril. It happens as you're unwrapping the new Lexicon reverb unit that will take you up to the next level of sound. Before the carton has been cleared away, there is a scratching at the studio door. And you really don't have any say about the applicant. Apparently there is some mystical studio cat network, and when that unheard alarm goes off, Ma Nature picks the kitty and sends it to the door.
On this particular morning, I opened the door and there was Macca, alias Mac Daddy, alias the self-propelled wrecking crew.
Scat!: I said and cat strolled past me and boinged onto my favorite chair where it proceeded to chew th View the rest of this article

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