Monday, December 17, 2007

Making Your Dog Win In Sled Races

So, you decided to train your dog win in sled races. Here are some tips to do it.
1. Provide dry and clean bedding.
If you want to have a winning dog, provide him first with a clean and complete house. It is your duty and responsibility that your dog must have adequate and clean bedding.
2. Give high quality diet.
Give your dog the best diet that you can find. All year round, feed him with the best diet possible. This includes giving the dog some quality fat in his diet. Fat gives your dog enough energy to run. How much fat you give depends on various factors. For example, Alaskan Huskies are burning fat seemingly by just standing still! Some dogs like Malamutes and Siberians do not require fat as much. Don?t scrimp on quality.
3. Follow schedule. View the rest of this article

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