Monday, December 31, 2007

Traffic Exchanges - Do They Work For You?

Traffic exchanges, also known as hit exchanges and start exchanges, are a very simple means of driving traffic to a website.
Being in a traffic exchange is like being in a club. You surf, using a specially designed “surf bar” unique to the traffic exchange in question, and view the other club member’s websites. Every time you view a website you get a credit, or a point, and these are exchanged for visitors who view your website. Normally there is a “ratio” involved and - for free members - it is often one return visitor for every two websites that you view.
Most exchanges are free to join but many have a “pro upgrade” option where you can get a better view/return view ratio (say 1:1) for a monthly fee, typically a few dollars a month. The large majority of me View the rest of this article

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