Sunday, January 6, 2008

Preventative Measures For Credit Card Fraud?

If you've ever been the victim of credit card fraud, then you

know just how traumatic it can be. What's more, if not detected

early enough, it could leave bad marks on your credit report

that could haunt you for years. The most commonly thought of

credit card fraud is when your wallet or purse is stolen, and

the thief uses your credit cards to make unauthorized


But, with the rate on online buying growing at an amazing rate,

another form of credit card fraud-known as misappropriation-is

spreading like wildfire. All that a thief needs to create havoc

on your credit life is your credit card number-not your actual


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Saturday, January 5, 2008

KwaZulu-Natal- Shaka's Heaven on Earth

The remarkable diversity of attractions of the KwaZulu-Natal region is unsurpassed in South Africa. It encompasses the splendid Drakensburg Mountains, sublime subtropical beaches, top rated nature and game reserves, historic battlefields, rolling green hills of the Natal Midlands and the city of Durban. The range of activities possible is a challenge even for those with the most eclectic of tastes: swimming, fishing, boating, scuba diving, hiking, abseiling, game viewing, cultural and historical touring, whale and bird watching and golfing.

Warmer and more authentic South Africa than the Cape Region, KwaZulu-Natal is the favourite holiday destination for locals. The region lies between the Drakensberg Mountains and Swaziland to the west; the Ind View the rest of this article

Is Google Gunning For Directories?

Why is it that webmasters are so quick to blame Google if their website falls down the search rankings, or out of the rankings altogether? Can it never be their own fault?
I read an amusing forum post headed “What’s up with Google?”. The writer had a website just 2 months old, which had only had 2 visits from Googlebot, a Google robot. The poster was a bit grieved, and was blaming Google.
It seems they had extrapolated their own situation into one they had witnessed with other webmasters on another forum. They were also upset, this time by Google’s latest update, as their websites had been badly hit. Of course, the drop way down the rankings had seriously affected their income; what right had Google to do that to them, they were demanding to know?
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Copper And Your Health

Copper is a trace element mineral that serves a wide variety of purposes within the body, both on its own and as a cofactor, meaning it is an essential part of chemical processes that involve other vitamins, minerals, other nutrients or other substances. Although the body requires a comparatively tiny amount of copper per day, even that little bit is essential to optimum health and performance.
Copper came to be recognized as in the 1870’s as a basic part of our blood. This mineral is called an elemental because it is a metal. In terms of concentration, it is the third greatest metal present in our bodies. Copper is present throughout the body, and serves many purposes that influence physical and mental health and function. In addition to the influence it has ind View the rest of this article

Friday, January 4, 2008

Financing A College Education

So your teenager has decided to go to college. You've hoped for this day. You sweated through 12 years of school with your child, and have been an active participant in his/her education. You've been saving for this day for years, but with all the other "incidentals" of daily life, car expenses, medical bills, that new roof, the money you had hoped you'd have is not there. What you have is not quite enough for that four year private college he/she is interested in attending, and you don't want a home equity loan. What to do?
Today there are many federal and private loans available to help parents and students pay for college expenses. There are also billions of dollars in scholarship aid and grants available, you just need to know where to look. Some of these mon View the rest of this article

Building A Garden From Nothing At All

Gardening doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby. Some of the most beautiful gardens I’ve ever grown cost me nothing but sweat and sore muscles – and paid off with the kind of satisfaction you’ll never get from a paid-for landscape. Throughout the spring and summer, I have the pleasure of tending the miniature rose bush I got for Mother’s Day six years ago, the Virginia bluebells that grew in my mother’s garden, the border of hostas that my son dug up from behind a neighboring store (with the store owner’s permission, of course!) It is a found garden – a friendship garden – a special garden that was never planned, and is all the more beautiful because of it.
Building a Found Garden takes a bit of foresight – but just a bit. To start, you’ll need three things:
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Diverticulitis And Diet

What Is Diverticulitis?

Diverticulitis is another one of those conditions that has followed from industrialisation, and a fundamental change in eating habits to a diet of processed food. The condition emerged after milling became commonplace in Western countries, starting in the US. Milling grains strips out valuable fibre, and since the early 20th century a shortage of fibre in diets has been commonplace amongst the American, and other Western, population.
Diverticulitis actually follows on from a condition called diverticulosis, which tends to come with age, particularly over 60. Diverticulosis is quite common, and past the age of 60 about half the population have this condition. With diverticulosis people experience the formation of small pouches in th View the rest of this article