Sunday, September 2, 2007

Holiday Eating Without Overeating-Eat what’s Yummy, and Flatten Your Tummy

It’s another wonderful year of delicious foods, specially made pies, and homemade banana bread. There’s not a time we enjoy food more, then the holidays. These delicious foods feed our soul, our eyes and our bodies. There are specific tips and tricks I have for you to get through the holiday season so you can stay Thin from Within while enjoying an assortment of delicious holiday foods. So how do naturally thin people, make it through the holidays without gaining gobs of weight or without massive overeating? Try these tips. • Give yourself permission to eat all these delicious goodies. It's sort of a basic fact of human nature – if we think we can't have something, we want it even more. If you have it when you are hungry, the excitement and energy around this View the rest of this article

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