Saturday, September 29, 2007

Becoming A Professional Chef - Is It For You?

by Mike Churchill, ? 2006, All Rights Reserved
You're known as a whiz in the kitchen. Your friends compliment your culinary skills with every new dish you create. From classic French baguettes to elaborate standing rib roasts, each creation is presented in style and is always met with a "Wow!" from all who eat in your kitchen. With all that to your credit, you might be thinking you're fully prepared for a career as a professional chef. Not necessarily so.
Preparing to become a professional chef takes more than natural cooking abilities. Unless you have the funding to open your own restaurant, you'll likely follow the typical path of most culinary school graduates. Whether you plan to whip up light meals in a small café ¯ff the beaten path or become a world-reno View the rest of this article

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