Sunday, September 9, 2007

Only 10 Years to Get to the Start Gate!

Only 10 Years to Get to the Start Gate!
By Wayne Van Dyck
It's hard to believe it was in 1994 when we saw our first banner ad online and how it grabbed and monopolized our attention. Then by the late 1990's, dot coms flourished with venture capital, they operated with a "money grows on trees" attitude, and the hype that surrounded them knew no end.
It seemed that online advertising was a lost cause once the dot-com crash hit. Overuse killed the banner ads and exuberant about of spam killed the e-mail campaigns. Internet users tuned out and it seemed that marketers had killed the golden goose. But a curious thing has happened between then and now. Not only has online advertising and marketing survived, but it has emerged as an absolutely vital part of today's View the rest of this article

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