Sunday, September 16, 2007

You can go to the beach and look slimmer...... just find the right swimsuit

If you choose the right plus size swim suit, one that actually fits you, you can look good and slimmer than you are. Believe me, women who are full figured can look at their best and enjoy the summer heat at the same time. But be careful, swimwear that is too small will make your bulges look bigger than they are.
These days plus size swimwear doesn't mean out-of-style bathing suits, because women's plus size swimsuits are available in all the latest fashions.
Still it is not easy to find plus size swimwear in a regular department store or fashion boutique. They offer a small variety and never seem to have you size. There are stores that are specialized in plus size clothing. Most of them also have a bathing suit section but, in my experience, it is still diffic View the rest of this article

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