Thursday, September 13, 2007

10 Quick & Easy Job Interview TIPS

1. Don't be nervous: There is no reason to be nervous on an interview. You will have many interviews through out the course of your career and you will learn something from each interview.
2. Be honest: If you do not know something go ahead and say it. If you decide to lie and act like you know the answer you will get caught and not get the job.
3. Dress to impress: You are being judged the second you walk in the door. Do not give your interviewer an excuse to not hire you!
4. Be on time: You should be in the building no later than 15 mintues before the interview starts. You want them to notice that you are early and are serious about the interview.
5. Prepare, prepare, prepare: Do not go to the interview with no clue on what the company does. Learn as mu View the rest of this article

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