Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fresh Leads Will Explode Your Internet Home Business Income!

If you think that developing and managing an email list is something others do—not as something that is absolutely crucial to the success of your internet home business—it’s time to drastically revise your thinking. I know. I know. You’ve got your pay-per-click campaign working for you. Maybe you’ve set up a blog. Maybe you also send out articles or press release or two. But without a solid and growing email list—I hate to tell you—you’re internet marketing efforts are doomed to failure. The reason is your customers are preoccupied with their daily lives, so you need to not only get, but keep on getting your sales message out in front of them. Only through repetition can you hope to build a solid home-based internet business. Think of it this way. Wha View the rest of this article

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