Sunday, September 9, 2007

Is Your Home-Base Biz Affiliate Friendly?

By Eddie Watkins What do I mean when I ask is your Home-base Biz affiliate friendly? We all know that in order to have a successful on line biz, you must have a downline. You need to have employees, or in other words affiliates. You need to have affiliates dedicated to helping themselves, all the while they are helping you. You have probably joined programs, as I have, that promised great things. Programs that promise Financial Freedom. Work at home in your pajamas. Make enough Money in 3 days, to fly around the world forever. Such programs may have great products with a great sales page, with some great benefits. But they don't provide you with any training. After you purchase the package, that's where the promises and the program ends. For your home-base biz to suc View the rest of this article

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