Monday, September 24, 2007

How to Seduce a Man

Seducing a man, often, depends on what type of man he is.
How to seduce a shy man?
Well the answer is easily. Shy men are usually grateful to have you approach them. They may be in absolute love or lust with you but feel like it will never happen because they can’t drum up the nerve to approach you.
By approaching him, you take that pressure away. Do it slowly. Strike up a conversation the first time. Invite him for coffee the next, etc…
Once he understands that you really like him, Mr. Shy guy may be ready to direct a few interesting suggestions in your direction.
How to seduce a man who’s plainly out of your league.
The first thing to do is get that thought right out of your head. Out of your league? How do you know? He might find you beaut View the rest of this article

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