Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Entrepreneurs: Born or Made?

Entrepreneurs are an interesting breed. They’ll eat Ramen noodles and cancel the cable to have the funds they need to start their own businesses that may or may not succeed. Entrepreneurs are willing to take a pay cut just to be their own bosses. What makes us so strange? Born or Made? Entrepreneurs are born, not made. How else can you explain that constant twitch to be creating something new that we feel? Thinking back through my life, it makes sense that I was always destined to be an entrepreneur. I never saw limits for my capabilities. As a child and teenager, I was a bit stubborn, but managed to find a way to do whatever it was I was set on doing. In the workplace, I never could settle. Whether it was a micromanaging boss, bumping my head against the glass ceiling, or just tolerating the daily commute in angry traffic, I knew I was destined for more than a life of corporate work. It’s only in the last few years that I’ve realized I’m not wrong for not fitting in to the corporate world. I’m an entrepreneur, and I forge my own path. Entrepreneurs for Life The term “serial entrepreneur” has gained popularity recently. But I know very few entrepreneurs who are happy just creating one business and never moving on to the next thing. So in a sense, the very definition of entrepreneurship includes the “serial” factor. When I meet other entrepreneurs, I love seeing that passion about what they do. I can relate, because I love Egg Marketing. There is nothing more satisfying than having complete creative control over my business’ activities, despite the problems that Egg encounters from time to time, like all businesses. This is a tribute to all of you entrepreneurs (and those of you who have yet to realize that deep down, you have an entrepreneurial spirit waiting to be set free from your cubicle)! Congratulations for taking the leap into the unknown world of business!

Susan Payton is Managing Partner of Egg Marketing & Public Relations. She assists small businesses with marketing strategy and corporate communications. She is also the author of 101 Entrepreneur Tips, a handy guide that helps entrepreneurs make repeat customers, close the sale, and delegate work.

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