Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Buying Auto Parts Has Never Been Easier

I was recently in need of some auto parts and I stumbled upon something very interesting. Like most people I originally went to a local mechanic, who after making faces and excuses finally told me that I needed a new fuel pump for my Honda Accord.I’m not the most automotive person, and I don’t know much about fuel pumps, but I decided that the price I was quoted was not the way I wanted to go when fixing my car.I was quoted $200 in labor and $650 for the pump itself. I am a fairly internet savvy person, and I make many purchases on the web.Buying auto parts, and not being someone with automotive knowledge, seemed like a trap, but turned out to be quite the opposite.I did a quick search in Google and I stumbled upon a I quickly selected my car using their search tool and there was the part I needed.A fuel pump for my Accord for under $200. I was a little skeptical at first about if this Honda part would fit.I then noticed a link to chat live to a sales representative from Auto Parts Way right above the fuel pump that was listed.I am familiar with the online chat tools and was quickly speaking to a very professional woman from woman assured me that the part will fit and provided me a link to a very flexible return policy as well. At this point I thought there was nothing to lose but a lot to gain.I called the mechanic who wanted to charge me $650 for the pump and bargained with him the price of the labor.He lowered the labor price to $150.At that time I told him that I already have a spare fuel pump for the car and that I would drop off the car and the pump in a few days.He was a little puzzled but agreed. I ordered the Honda fuel pump from Shipping was free and the part arrive in 3 days. I brought the part to the mechanic; my car is now fixed for less than $350, while the mechanic cost was $850.Again, the web came to my rescue and to my surprise, buying auto parts online is as painless as buying books or CDs. Now for the really interesting thing.During my order placement, I checked a box to agree to receive emails from Auto Parts Way, if they have any promotions in place.Well almost 2 months went by and no emails came until today.Here is the email I received; “Get a Free GPS Navigation System from What do you think about or buying Auto Parts Online in general? wants to know what you think and we will reward you for your input with a Free GPS Navigation System. In order to be considered for the prize, simply write a 300-650 word article about your experience with, or if you never purchased from us before, let us know what you think about the look of our website or about buying auto parts online in general. The article can also be about your recent automotive project. Once you write your short article post it to any major blog site and send an email to telling us about the article. Remember, the article must have at least one link back to our website ( Once 1000 articles have been written, we will select the author of one article to receive a Free GPS Navigation System. Two additional Authors will receive a $50 gift certificate to our online auto parts store. If you already have a blog, great! Simply post an article to your blog. If you don’t, click sign up for a free Blogger account. AutoPartsWAY is your number one online auto parts store for everything automotive. Please visit” The email also contained a link to the Auto Parts Way blog at Search engine optimization requires companies to create content rich pages and distribute them through various link networks. It looks like Auto Parts Way is rewarding people for doing just that for them.Very interesting to see what other promotional means companies will come up with in the near future. To visit the company

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