Monday, July 16, 2007

India Phone Card: Make Long Calls to Your Partners in India While Paying Dirt Cheap Rates

You can now make long duration calls to India while paying less per minute. Cheap prepaid international calling card (India phone card) keeps you connected with your business partners, relatives or friends who are currently on the other side of the globe, in India. Anyone who looks to purchase India phone card today have a wide selection of operators and calling cards. These cheap international calling cards that come with zero connection fees can be purchased for as low as $2; 3.3¢ a minute or up to 151 minutes talk time for a $ 5 value international calling card. When looking for international phone card, you can go for online phone card. A professional website that sells long distance calling card sells almost 900 cheap international calling cards. It is just a m View the rest of this article

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