Sunday, July 29, 2007

Global Resorts Network: Where Luxury Holidays and Making Money Meet

obal Resorts as a Network (GRN) business is definitely a quantum leap forward both in product and business compensation plan leaving the competition far behind. Unless I am missing something?I really do not know why every sane Internet business person does not join up, even if he/she does not like inexpensive luxury holidays: there is so much money to be made.

GRN’s parent company is a 20 year old travel leader who realized that the days of time-share are all but over and that it had better change gears to be more attune with the times. GRN was born with the help of a few innovative networking experts in late 2006. Its official launch date was 1st March, 2007. Its success so far has been quite staggering. A number of top earners are already making well ove View the rest of this article

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