Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Unpopular Truth About Building Self-esteem In Children And Teens

At our live workshops, we often get requests for interventions that can enhance self-worth-- and we do have many creative methods for all age levels. However, at class, we always offer a cautionary note: If a child hears at home that they are no good, or the child is called racist names, or is physically assaulted in the community, there is no strategy that can speak louder than that fist, that racist name, or that put-down from home. So, the best time to use self-esteem builders is when the child is no longer being put down at home, called bad names, etc.
It may not be a popular perspective, but it is probably correct: When children are currently facing events that generate low self-esteem, that is a normal reaction to the abuse they encounter. Your initial focu View the rest of this article

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