Saturday, December 1, 2007

Say Goodbye To Dandruff The Natural Way

Are you afraid to wear black because tiny white flakes might drop down on your shoulders? Do you often scratch your head because it itches? If you are undergoing these situations, you need to end it now. How? Get rid of dandruff for good! Air pollution makes maintaining a healthy scalp and hair a difficult task. One of the most known and hated hair ailments of all is dandruff. Although it is quite an irritation to have dandruff, this is still very common. People, no matter what their age, can have uncontrolled dandruff. One out of every two people in the world has had dandruff problems at some point or another.
The cure could be just right inside your home! Try one of these homemade remedies:
1. The glycerine treatment
- Combine 1 tablespoon glycerine, 1 View the rest of this article

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