Friday, December 7, 2007

No, No, No ? Living With A Two Year Old

If your child is approaching the age of two, your life is about to change dramatically. I know, your life already has changed dramatically, but you?re about to enter a whole new level of, well, frustration and despair. Luckily, the difficulties only last for about two years???..sigh. Well, to help you out, let me give you some tips about living with your two year old.
First ? you need to understand that toddlers have no impulse control. This is a critical piece of information, and you will need to chant it to yourself several times a day. Even when a toddler knows what she?s doing is wrong, and knows she?s going to get into trouble for it, she can?t help it. She just has to do it. So, don?t think your child is incapable of being trained when she gets into the toi View the rest of this article

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