Friday, September 7, 2007

Convert RAW files to DNG format for peace of mind when archiving photographs.

RAW image files are proprieties of the cameras manufacturer their file extensions are unique to its own and do not exchange well over other programs they consist of ".AR2" for Sony Alpha ".ORF" for Olympus, ".NEF" for Nikon and ".CRW" for Canon, just to name a few. Adobe has also developed a RAW image file extension, ".DNG" meaning digital negative in 2004, Abodes DNG was created with the intention of unifying the individual RAW camera file formats. Your RAW image is at its most pure, but there is no guarantee that your cameras RAW file will be recognized by available software applications sometime in the future. You may have the most up to date software to read your Olympus RAW images today, but long-term archival of your RAW photographs do present some concerns. Pe View the rest of this article

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