Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Survive the internet commerce world of today!

Sales and marketing on the internet is erupting in terms of growth all over the world yet most businesses are slow to catch on. Nine out of every ten businesses are not effective in internet marketing. These businesses dramatically need help with their internet marketing techniques if they want to survive in the internet commerce world of today! Fact is. Ninety percent of businesses websites today are just a business card and offer no return on investment to the business owner. Since the inception of the Internet, most small to medium sized companies have ignored the large impact a well designed internet marketing strategy can have on its ultimate growth.
James Cobb, EDC Worldwide Distributor Member has introduced NewMoneyPro.com website to offer PromoBlackBox full suite of breakthrough corporate internet marketing tools and weekly high-end webinar training that will dramatically boost business profits. The technology contained within PBB has never before been assembled in a single comprehensive package.
EDC and In Touch Media, innovators in internet marketing technology and training, who announce the Launch of PromoBlackBox for small and medium businesses recently. Craig Garcia, Founder of EDC, and Bob Cefail, chairman of ITMG, decided to combine their companies resources and knowledge to develop PromoBlackBox.
The technology training offered with a PromoBlackBox subscription is delivered by Internet experts and executives with over one hundred combined years of experience and success. Executive sales, marketing and advertising training is delivered two times per week. The rave reviews about the training webinars have been enormous and many people are saying they have made or saved thousands of dollars from each and every training session.
All the training and service modules included in the initial package revolve around four specific internet marketing functions: 1) web site traffic generation; 2) web site conversion; 3) constant automated contact with leads and clients; 4) Free online publicity. A company, no matter the size, can begin to apply the same techniques that major corporations use,(and spend millions of dollars for), to position themselves at the top of their industry. PBB gives even the little guy a fighting chance to compete with large corporate sites!
PBB investment is an incredibly low at $495 for the initial set up and $95 monthly for webinar and product access. Just the training for your sales and internet team alone will result in the “ROI for your businesses today”. Small to medium size business owners should schedule for our seminar to learn more about the value and benefits of PromoBlackBox. To schedule today call 740-704-6190 or email us at; promoblackbox@columbus.rr.com.

James M. Cobb, Columbus, Ohio, Promoblackbox, www.newmoneypro.com

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