Saturday, July 7, 2007

On Internet Spider Bot is more popular than Spider Man

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a systematic, inexpensive, thought-intensive procedure that helps a website get a higher ranking in search engines. In simple words, effective SEO makes sure that your page appears within the top results. Have you ever wondered why your company, even as a market leader in its category, still happens to get buried twenty pages deep, in the Result pages of a Search Engine?. Even worse, unknown players sit on top of the results page, channelling thousands of Dollar’s in business away from you. You need help If not from Spiderman, then at least from a Spider Bot. Getting on First Page, using related keywords on Google, Yahoo!, MSN, or Other such search engines. In this cyber age it is as effective a marketing tool as print and television advertising, if not more so. At Internet World in May 2006, ProfitBySearch Ltd. ( presented a strong case for SEO through the success story of their client ( As per Alexa rankings is ranked among the top 0.001% sites of the world, and this makes the most viewed travel website in India. Saghan Aggarwal Chief Executive Officer (CEO) TravelMasti Holiday Pvt Ltd Said, “I am totally amazed by the kind of rankings ProfitBySearch team has achieved for our Website, Traffic to our website has increased by 300% and we are presently getting more than 100,000 hits in a day.” What makes ProfitBysearch different from other SEO Companies of the world is their confidence to define Ranking and Traffic Commitments prior to start of the project and the ability of their experienced Search team to deliver these commitments at an unprecedented average of 97%. Vipin Monga Chief Search Strategist at ProfitBysearch said, "My relationship with ProfitBySearch started 6 Years ago and during this term I have successfully delivered rankings to more than 300 SEO projects, but even today Guaranteeing ranking Commitments is the toughest part of my profile as Search Engines keep modifying their algorithm all the time. Well it’s a challenge, and you need to be up to date with every aspect.” We also suggested that while you would prefer to entrust the task of SEO to such experts, it still was advisable to know the basics of the process, so that you can collaborate with the SEO experts and also make sure that they are moving in the right direction. Head of Sales of ProfitBySearch UK Ltd stated “Cooperation from the client is very important. We initially expect clients to give us business inputs so that we understand their business better. This also helps us in doing keyword research for their project. After this initial input, we require clients to grant us FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access to their website. FTP access allows us to directly make changes to the site. In some cases (like banks and financial institutions) we cannot get FTP access due to security reasons. In those cases, we closely work with their webmasters and expect them to have a quick turn around time for our requests. We also like to get log file access to client websites. As noted above, it helps us generate a lot of statistics, which in turn helps us better understand the progress of the SEO campaign And finally, we expect our clients to cooperate in measuring their website sales on a month on-month basis, so that it helps measure the success of the complete SEO campaign. It helps us clearly define the picture, before and after.” Remember that the only way to attract visitors to your site and keep them coming, is to provide really valuable content that delivers all the information that your customers might look for. With useful content and ethical, well-planned and well executed SEO, your site is bound to be a rocking success. Vibhu Satapaul has done his Bachelors from University of Westminster & Masters from London School of Economics, and handles Business Development in the UK and Europe.For More Information on Search Engine Optimization. Please visit us at"> or

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