Friday, July 6, 2007

Fuel Saver Scammer Finally Caught

If you are one of those people that got involved in the Ecoenergizer Fuel Saver Scam then I have good news for you. Finally after months of looking for this shyster, R.M was caught and arrested. His other scams include Free Coral Calcium, Million Dollar Treasure, Global Free Biz, Global Free Fuel, Luke 638 and many others. There were lots of investors and founders who after being scammed lost thousands of dollars joining these different companies that he started up. He has been pulling the wool over people eyes for over 20 years and it has finally caught up with him. On Thursday 3rd there was a special report on theses scams by Fox Atlanta TV 5’s TV team and if your are interested in watching that it can be viewed here If you were in one of his fuel saver scams then Cobb County Georgia would like to hear from you as soon as possible. He has been getting away with these scams since 2003 and the statute of limitations for fraud in Georgia is only 4 years, so for some of you time is running out. If you would like to file a complaint you may contact the Cobb County Sheriff’s Dept in Georgian , Lt Mike Reece 770-499-4658 or Sgt Ken Davis 770-499-4659 or you may email them at for more information. He is presently incarcerated in Harrisonburg Virginia on 2 Felony accounts and the Grand juries will here his case on May 21st 2007. Also one of the major complaints is that he hired a company to take money out of accounts for auto shipments. This company took out double payments, and without authority to do so. Ecoenergizer sent out worthless iou’s in the form of a coupon. People were already outraged because of the double dip from their accounts and then received nothing in return. It was no big deal that we got no product as it did not do what it claimed to be able do, which was save on fuel, give the engine more horsepower, reduce exhaust emissions, clean the engine and have it run smoother, but the months they had no product they shouldn’t have taken money out of the accounts for those months. What is even worse is this accounting company even though Ecoenergizer has been shut down for months they are still robbing accounts in the tune of 3 draws a month. I think these people should be locked up as well, if Ecoenergizer in not in business any more where are these people putting all this money, and why are they charging their accounts up to 3 times a month for nothing. Sounds to me they are as crooked as B. M. and should be shut down for their unethical business practices. If you are one of these people I would start with calling the better business bureau because this company is doing this on their own. Let me say in behalf of the Fuel Saver for you companies that there are products that really do what they claim to do. One of these companies that I have tested for myself is the All-In-1 product.( I have tried just about everyone of these fuel saver additives and this one works the best for myself and many of my friends. If you are going to use one of these fuel saving products I would buy some different products and try them for yourself as you can really save a lot of money. The one I am using now burns cleaner, gives me great gas mileage and more horsepower. I am not really heavy on the gas pedal, but after adding this fuel saver to my gasoline when I take off at a stop light I pull out ahead of everyone else. If you are told none of these products work it is a good sign that they do. Do your own tests they won’t blow up your engine like you have been brain washed in believing. Independent America

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