Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Extensive And Constant Testing Of Ads Will Make All The Difference

There is little doubt that one of the most important secrets behind the success of any online business is constant testing and research. It is no accident that some sites have grown in leaps and bounds, steadily improving their traffic as well as search engine rankings over a long period of time while others have faded into oblivion. The truth is that there is hardly any other way of achieving success online other than by constantly testing everything at ones’ site. One of the critical features that can yield huge improvements if constantly put under the microscope of testing, are advertisements. There should really be no excuse for not testing online where tracking is so easy. For instance ads that a webmaster is using to generate traffic to their web site should be tested extensively. Answers should be found to key questions like; Which particular ads are yielding the best response? What position is most effective in generating click through to the site? Most people will generally place their ad above their logo so the ad is first seen by visitors. Which color or color combination works best? Test different colors schemes. You want colors and outlines to blend and mesh well with your web site. The key is making your ad eye catching to the client and causing a curiosity in them that will lure them to read and then click your ad and hopefully even purchasing your product. Which types of ads get the best results? Is it PPC ads, banner ads or text ads? It is crystal clear that banner ads have a lot going for them. The use of color and image can be powerful and should never be underestimated. Mostly banner ads begin to work effectively where the audience is highly targeted and very relevant to what is being advertised in the banner ad. Still it is important to note that text ads tend to do much better than banner ads in situations where they are not targeted very specifically and where they are not relevant to a particular web site audience. Both types of ads have their own unique qualities that will generate web traffic. The huge advantage with testing is that the webmaster will be able to make constant little adjustments, which will have the effect of ensuring that there are little small improvements happening all the time. It matters little how small these improvements are because the important thing is that they will all quickly add up to make a huge difference in traffic at the site within a very short space of time. It is important to note that there can be no end to testing. Even where a successful ad is improved on to the maximum by continual testing and the appropriate adjustments, the webmaster can then embark on the mission of creating an even better ad that will pull better than their current best pulling ad. This is the real secret to true success in online marketing. Do you want to get more attention to your site and increase your web traffic? Try the Co Registration email marketing services at Majon.com that guarantee high profits to any online business beginner.

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