Saturday, October 6, 2007

Mont Ventoux

Mont Ventoux, (to interpret to English, “Windy Mountain”) is situated in the Provencal Region of the South of France. It is an awesome sight at 1909 metres above the sea – it can be seen from almost anywhere in Provence. And from the summit, one can enjoy magnificent panoramic views. Mont Ventoux is officially a part of the Alps but it is often considered separate from the Alps because of the distance between it and the other mountains of the Alps. Nevertheless, on a clear day, one can see other mountains in the Alps range clearly from the summit of Mont Ventoux. Mont Ventoux is well know for the Tour de France cycle race – it has been ascended 13 times by the Tour de France race competitors since 1951. Perhaps because of this, or perhaps just for the sheer c View the rest of this article

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