Monday, October 15, 2007

Dating Advice: Two Places to Meet More Women Than You Can Handle

You have probably seen it in the movies or on television. A group of men get together at their favorite hang out place and lament how tough it is to meet a good woman. You may even have experienced this situation in your own life.

Of course you can always meet women by going to a bar or a club. The problem with that is there will be a lot of competition from men who are looking for the same thing. The other dilemma is woman know this so the chances are they will be on their guard. It may come as a surprise to some of us but many women who visit nightclubs DO NOT want to be hit on.

If you want to meet women you have to go to places where the atmosphere is more conducive, the ratio of woman to men is greater and the competition is at a minimum. Sou View the rest of this article

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