Sunday, October 14, 2007

Artificial Tropical Rainforest Plants

Artificial tropical rainforest plants are highly adaptable to any area of the home or business. They are a good way to bring the tropics indoors, especially in temperate environments. Artificial tropical rainforest plants typically have some natural element, usually the stems. With the advances in technology, their color is even more long lasting since their leaves are now UV coated. The most popular examples of artificial tropical rainforest plants are Bougainvillea, Cattleya Orchids and, of course, Bamboo.

Bougainvillea can take the shape of vines, trees, or shrubs and have naturally sharp thorns. Trees can easily reach over thirty feet. The beauty of Bougainvillea lies in both the leaves, which are dark green and heart-shaped, and the flowers. These arti View the rest of this article

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