Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Interesting Facts About Poker

As the most popular and most played card game in the U.S. and all throughout the world, Poker has evolved from a backroom game to a sporting event with its pros enjoying the same celebrity status as that of world-renowned athletes. There are, however, some interesting facts about Poker that you should know.

• Poker belongs to a class of card games known as vying games. Vying games involve betting on the quality of the card combinations in one’s hand rather than actually playing the cards out. Winning is achieved with a great deal of bluffing.

• The origin of Poker is obscure. Some believe Poker is the by-product of a combination of different card games: As Nas (Persia), Ganjifa (India), Poque (France), and Pochen (Germany) with its name d View the rest of this article

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