Friday, October 26, 2007

Web 2.0, Build On It

In 1999, opened up shop as an online advertising agency, and we viewed our chosen milieu, the Internet, as a limitless possibility – there was no talk of bubbles, no clouds on the horizon. In fact, conversations in the business tended to include terms like venture capital or IPO and it didn’t matter who was talking. We knew who scored what and when. Like weekend golfers talking about the Masters, we dreamed of being the next eBay. Guys like me with, well, ordinary websites talked turkey, big turkey. And why wouldn’t we? Those were halcyon times then.

And they’re back – except, ahem, this time it’s different. I hope. Nah, I’m sure of it.

Y2K was distinctly a time of fortuitous updraft; we were swept up in a t View the rest of this article

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