Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lingerie: A Woman's Best Friend

What is a woman’s best friend? Well, the common answer would of course be diamonds. But is it really true? Maybe it is, but there is another close friend and this is a friend women will spend their own money on. What is it you ask? Lingerie, of course! Why the attraction of women to lingerie? It is very simple. Lingerie makes you feel good and look good. Lingerie is and always has been about one thing and one thing only. To make the woman’s body look enticing. This is for the express purpose of stimulating men. In the days of old, lingerie did just that. By accentuating the areas that the visually oriented men were attracted to. These areas being a woman’s breasts and of course her bottom. The lingerie of old days was quite uncomfortable and in fact was sometim View the rest of this article

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