Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Internet - How Do I Connect

If you own a computer – and in today’s world who doesn’t – sooner or later, you will want to have access to the Internet. The Internet for some is the Holy Grail of the modern age, and not having access to it is seen in some quarters as sacrilege. But how do you connect to this Holy Grail – the Internet? You need an Internet Service Provider or ISP who will give you access and you need to decide between dial-up service which uses a regular telephone line, and broadband service which, very often comes in the form of Cable, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Satellite or T1 connections. Do not get thrown off by all the computer talk. The option really is yours to decide on the type of service you need especially if you are working within a budget. You must first View the rest of this article

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