Saturday, November 24, 2007

We all love a well behaved dog

All of us remember our first puppy when we were kids. Bringing them home as they are crawling all over your lap. Licking your face with their cute little pink tongues. Of course what we remember as kids with our first dog is a lot different from what our parents remember about that time. As a lot of us have found out since we grew up and brought a puppy home for our family. We soon realize there is much work that goes along with the cute little guy. It’s not long before he is chewing everything in site. You find yourself moving everything in your house as if you had a toddler around. Then there is the house training, lots of fun there. With some dogs it could take weeks before your dog has mastered going to the door. Which is why some people give up and just spend View the rest of this article

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