Friday, November 16, 2007

Looking for Alibrandi

The main character of the novel “Looking for Alibandi”, Josie, is influenced by people surrounding her. Josie is an emotional teenager. Many problems bother her. She doesn’t like her Italian background, she hates the fact she has no father. She is sick and tired of being an in-between being half-Australian and half-Italian. The situation worsened as all the kids in her school had both parents.

Jossie’s Nonna, Katia, was the main person for a girl. Katia was a great example for her and it was her Nonna, who changed totally Josie’s views on life, her family, in particular. She was no longer ashamed of being half-Italian, but proud to have such a background. Katia explains to Josie how important it is to be a personality. And how great it is when you View the rest of this article

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