Thursday, November 22, 2007

How to open a dollar store

To open a retail store, or in my case a medium sized dollar store, there are many questions that I needed answers to. First, why a dollar store versus any other type retail store. How much I will make? What's the best location? What's the best square footage? How much rent should I pay? How do I negotiate the lease? How much do I pay for rent? Where do I find the money? Do I need a business plan? How do I prepare a good business plan for the store? Where do I get the equipment and merchandise? Do I need a franchise? How do I set up the store? What kind of merchandise do I need? etc. Many studies regarding dollar stores reveal that one can make money opening a dollar store. However there are many risks involved. To make money, you have to choose the right location, co View the rest of this article

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