Sunday, November 25, 2007

Motor Home Living Part 1

Motor Home Living - Part 1 So here we are, in our forties, the kids have moved out, and we are tired of the rat race. Then the idea came, lets look into full time Motor home living. Since I have a virtual career, and my wife is in accounting, this just might work. No more mortgage payment, property taxes, sewage, water, home repair, and most of all, if I hate my neighbors, I can move in a day. But now the real problem starts. How to get ready? Over 25 years of junk. What do we keep? What do we store? What about the cars and boat? So now we are in the planning stages and what a scaring thing. We have started looking at Motor homes at lots and RV shows. They are beautiful and cost a lot less than my Yuppy home. So many questions come up about living in a motor home. Wi View the rest of this article

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