Friday, November 9, 2007

Getting The Classic French Style In Your Home

Are you looking to get the classic French style in your home, well don?t worry you don?t have to speak French to get the style. It?s not hard to get the style, just take a look at the following directions.
Used, worn, imperfect but beautifully architectural elements and accessories are what French country style is about. They don?t have to have sleek lines, fine china or grey, white, and black colors. They have chunky wood tables, flowers, brightly patterned couches, curtains and pillows styled after the look of Provence, which borders the Mediterranean Sea.
If you?re looking to grasp the French look, you should look for things like cracked wood beams, curved panels, hand-carved decorations and raw material flooring and walls, like stone or bricks. Uneven pla View the rest of this article

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