Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Traveling With Jack, Lonnie And Penny

Traveling With Jack, Lonnie, and Penny

We have always traveled with our dogs but I can't say it has always been with ease. We often traveled back home to family and old friends which took us about 6 hours. Being campers and travelers we thought ourselves to be very organized. This meant packing 3 kids and our pet into the stationwagon and heading North from Pennsylvania.
I remember very clearly the Christmas my three sons, our standard collie, Lonnie, and I were traveling to Massachuettes in our old green Volvo stationwagon. Kids and dog were settled in the back at last, I thought. You see, Lonnie was a great traveler. She did not require a special dog crate or mat. She was, however, skittish with very loud noises and would try to hide under something w View the rest of this article

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