Saturday, August 25, 2007

Apple's SCSI Cards

Apple manufactures many parts of computer and electronics. There are many computer parts available in market manufactured by apple. SCSI cards are one of the parts, manufactured by Apple. There are both external and internal SCSI cards available in market, manufactured by Apple. SCSI cards increases the capability of G3 and G4. It you add the SCSI part then download the SCSI driver is necessary. The most effective and popular SCSI part is Adaptec 2906 2 port SCSI card. It helps to run your Zip drive or scanner up to 6 times faster than a parallel port connection with SCSI Card. There are many SCSI cards manufactured by apple but most popular parts are p/n AVA-2906, AHA-2930CU MAC, p/n 661-2148, SCSI APD-29160N MAC PCI 32 bit, ADAPTEC Power domain 29160 Ultra160 SCSI View the rest of this article

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