Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Malware And Antivirus Software

Warning: most antivirus programs will not protect you against all forms of malignant software (often called "malware") on their own. Find out how to protect yourself.
Sure, your antivirus software will protect you against viruses. It will probably even do a good job against worms. But what Trojans, exploits, backdoors, spyware and the dozen other nasty software parasites?
Malware and Antivirus Software: a History
The war on computer viruses has led to an arms race between the designers of antivirus software and the designers of viruses (you didn't think viruses just created themselves did you?). Some years ago, virus designers responded to ever more successful antivirus software by creating the descendents of viruses, worms, which did not infect files but View the rest of this article

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